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Masha Electric Potato Masher



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The MASHA is a unique blending and mixing tool with 2 rotor blade attachments for creating smooth, perfect results – no lumps. From light and fluffy meringue to creamy guacamole and velvety mash the MASHA does it all in seconds. Mash potato to Dips, Purees, Cake Mix, Batter and more, the MASHA will give you perfect results!

Patented Rotor Cone Technology gives results like no other kitchen tool. The balanced weight in the handle means there is less strain on the wrist, perfect for everyone to use.

Both blades are patented and are easy and safe to fit and remove and are both diswasher safe. Due to the construction of the product your mixing can be done in a bowl or directly in a pan with no stratching or damage.

  • Power output 55 watts.
  • 1 speed setting.
  • Turbo boost button.
  • Includes 2 attachments: .
  • Dishwasher safe parts.
  • Soft grip handle.
  • Weight 0.74kg.
  • EAN: 5020260121647.